Vintage Tractor Insurance

Tractor Insurance for shows

If you require insurance for your Vintage Tractor for hobby/show purposes we can offer affordable cover to exclude business use.

Our well established Vintage Tractor scheme offers cover for your social domestic and pleasure uses. This allows for use on the road and provides the public liability cover required when taking your tractors to shows and rallies.

Furthermore, automatically included within the premiums is cover for any legal expenses up to the sum of £100,000.

We can offer different levels of cover for your tractors whether that be the basic level of cover to use the tractor on the road, or for fire, theft and accidental damage.

This scheme also provides cover for your own private agricultural use such as collecting your own firewood or maintaining your own land.

We can cover tractors manufactured prior to 1996 under this policy. Timber tractors and Unimogs are also suitable for this scheme

There are significant discounts available when insuring multiple tractors, with the discounts increasing depending on the number of tractors in your collection.

We can also include young drivers of 16 years old a for any young enthusiasts who wish to follow in their family footsteps in owning, maintaining and driving a vintage tractor. Please note, for any drivers under the age of 21 cover is restricted to Third Party Fire and Theft cover meaning no accidental damage is covered, but Comprehensive cover is available for any drivers over the age of 21 should their family members want to take part in a show as well.

We are also able to provide insurance for unregistered tractors and we are often praised for assisting our customers with the DVLA requests for documents when obtaining registration numbers. We will not charge you administration fees when issuing new documents to assist with DVLA requests. Once you are provided with the registration number we will re-issue your documents and update the Motor insurance Database (MID) with the registration number at no extra charge.

Furthermore, we are able to extend cover for any trailers or implements associated with the tractor when they are not in use. For example, trailers may be used with the tractor to collect your own firewood or you may have a mower attached to your tractor to help cut your grass. The only restriction is when these items are not in use they are kept within a locked building, chained to something immovable or fitted with a wheel clamp.

Agreed Values are available under the vintage tractor policy. This means that we are pre agreeing with the underwriters the total value of your vehicle prior to any claim. This gives our policyholders piece of mind should the worst ever happen.

Tractor Insurance for Smallholders

This policy has been designed to meet the insurance needs of a smallholder, owner of a small farm or nursery. The cover provided does allow for road use however, it is expected that your tractor would be predominantly used on your own land with very little use on the road. The annual mileage is limited to a total of 3000 miles per year, meaning this policy will not be suitable for larger farms or operations.

Cover for business use or contract work can be included as long as this work is carried out within a 35 mile radius of the policyholders home address. If you are earning any money in connection with the work the tractor does this would count as a business use. 

Trailers and agricultural implements are covered under the terms of the policy provided they are securely attached, by an appropriate means, to the insured vehicle for the purposes of being operated or drawn/towed subject to a maximum value of £10,000 for any individual item or up to but not exceeding the amount of the highest valued vehicle on cover.

Drivers must be aged 17 – 79. Cover is available for a maximum of 5 drivers including the policyholder. We are only able to allow for business use for drivers who are 21 or over.

There are discounts available when insuring multiple tractors so we can offer a quotation for just 1 tractor or a whole collection of tractors! Additionally, we do have an agricultural policy whereby we can offer premiums for a larger collection of tractors used on a large acreage with forms of business use required.

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Tractor Clubs

Whilst there are countless clubs relating to tractors we have personal dealings with the following clubs:

SEVAC -South Eastern Vintage Agricultural Club. This club arranges regular events and creates a meeting point for likeminded enthusiasts. They have a wealth of knowledge within their club and have been able to assist members for obtaining registrations.

The Ferguson Club. This ever expanding club celebrates the work of the late Harry Ferguson. They produce a regular booklet and arrange events around the country.