Quad Bike Insurance

The quad bike scheme that we offer is aimed for all ages and all styles of quad bike whether they are leisure, sports or utility quad bikes. These policies are for quad bikes that are of the traditional style with 4 equally spaced wheels, handlebars and a saddle. We can also look at offering quotation for All-terrain vehicles.

We are not able to cover use on any race, rally and test circuit, off road course, closed road section or officially sanctioned paddocks or pits area.

Drivers must be aged 25 – 69. Cover is available for a maximum of 4 riders including the policyholder.

We are able to offer a wide range of annual mileage policies from 1,500 miles per year up to 3,000 miles per yea. We are able to offer policyholders social, domestic and pleasure uses as well as commuting and business use for any agricultural forestry, farming and fisheries workers for utility or leisure quad bikes.

Furthermore, no claims discounts are available under the quad bike scheme.

Please note, we cannot offer cover for Yamaha Raptors/ Banshee or YFM quad bikes.

We like to reward owners who look after their vehicles and so additional discounts are available depending on how long you have owned your quad bike. There are also discounts applicable if you have any additional security such as an approved tracker or Thatcham approved categories 1 or 2 alarm/immobiliser. Lastly, covered as standard under the policy is 90 days European cover.

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