These policies are designed to cover both craft damage as well as third party and passenger liability cover up to £3 million as standard or £5 million on sailing dinghies/catamarans. There is also cover up to £1 million for any water skiing or towing of up to 2 toys (excluding bananas).

We are able to cover many different forms of craft from kayaks and sailboards, inflatable dinghies, rowing skulls and skiffs, sailing dinghies and catamarans, personal water craft, inland waterways and floating homes, motorboats and sailing boats.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer cover for any form of commercial fishing boats, any craft with a maximum design speed in excess of 50 knots, stand up jet skis, trimarans and racing yachts.

A benefit of the policy is that we can offer cover for your pleasure craft whether it is in commission or whether it is being kept ashore. Our insurers can offer cover whilst your pleasure craft is being kept in a marina, mud berthed, being dry stacked, in a boat yard as well as many other storage locations.

Covered as standard under the policy are extensive cruising ranges. Such as non tidal waters of the UK, all inland, tidal and coastal waters between Brest & Elbe as well as inland, tidal and coastal waters between La Rochelle & Elbe. Furthermore, our policies can also offer cover within a cruising area of the Mediterranean waters.

A further benefit of the pleasure craft policy is that we are able to include agreed values which means that we are pre agreeing with the underwriters the total value of your craft prior to any claim. This gives our policyholders piece of mind should the worst ever happen.

We can also extend cover for any uninsured boater meaning the insurers would pay any damages that you are legally entitled to recover as a consequence of any death or bodily injury suffered from the uninsured or unidentified owner or operator of another craft.

Another element of the cover under the pleasure craft is legal protection cover up to £100,000 for any advisers costs for certain types of legal action such as pursuing contract disputes, prosecution defence, personal injuries etc.