Kit Car Insurance

The kit car scheme is suitable for genuine kit cars or replica cars of all ages. Cover can be tailored to meet the needs of an owner who is building the kit car themselves or to owners of factory built replicas.

Drivers must be aged 30 – 74. Cover is available for a maximum of 5 drivers including the policyholder.

We are able to offer a wide range of annual mileage policies from 1,000 miles per year up to 12,000 miles per year. We are able to offer policyholders social, domestic and pleasure uses and with commuting being considered if necessary.

The policy is also extended to cover road sections or rallies, trials and events that are run and organised to the Motor Sports Association regulations. Furthermore, cover can also be extended to incorporate private land where access has been granted but we cannot offer cover for any race, rally and test circuit, off road course, closed road section or official sanctioned paddock or pits area.

A benefit of the kit car policy is that we are able to offer agreed values  for the classic kit cars. This means that we are pre-agreeing with the underwriters the total value of your vehicle prior to any claim. This gives our policyholders piece of mind should the worst ever happen.

Some policyholders who have built the kit car themselves might appreciate the additional benefit of the policy where we can offer “parts only” cover. This is where the policyholder agrees to undertake all labour in respect to repairs in the event of any claim resulting in a 30% reduction in premium.

We like to reward owners who look after their vehicles and so additional discounts are available depending on how long you have owned your vehicle. There are also discounts applicable if you are a club member up to 10% and when insuring multiple vehicles. Lastly, covered as standard under the policy is 30 days European cover.

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