Classic Motorcycles

These policies are specifically aimed for a true enthusiast where your motorcycle is your pride and joy generally either being restored, taken to shows and events or used on the odd sunny day. This allows for use on the road and provides the public liability cover required if taking your motorcycle to shows and rallies.

Vehicles that are manufactured before 1990 can be insured under our classic motorcycle policy although some more modern bikes may be able to be considered given a large collection of motorcycles.  We are also able to consider motorcycles that have a side car situated on the left-hand side of the motorcycle.

Riders must be aged 30 – 79. Cover is available for a maximum of 2 riders including the policyholder.

We are able to offer a wide range of annual mileage policies from 1,500 miles per year up to 5,000 miles per year. We are able to offer policyholders to use their classic motorcycles for social, domestic & pleasure use including any commuting to a single place of work on a particular sunny day to give their vehicle a good run out!

A benefit of the classic motorcycle policy is that we are able to include agreed values which means that we are pre agreeing with the underwriters the total value of your vehicle prior to any claim. This gives our policyholders piece of mind should the worst ever happen.

Our policies can also include cover for just laid up purposes if your motorcycle is not intending to be used on the road within at least a 12 month time period. This helps lower your premium but also gives you piece of mind that your vehicle is insured against any fire or theft risks.

We like to reward owners who look after their vehicles and so additional discounts are available depending on how long you have owned your vehicle. There are also discounts applicable if you are a club member up to 10% and when insuring multiple vehicles. We are also able to consider offering a quotation for vehicles that are modified and covered as standard under the policy is 90 days European cover.

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