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In order to apply for a quote online, please complete the most relevant quote request form below.

Please note, the quote forms are only suitable if applying for a quote for 3 or less vehicles. If you require a quote for a larger collection of vehicles, please contact our office on 01252 713 148

When completing the quote form, if you are unsure of any answer or have any queries, you will have opportunity to make notes or ask questions at the end of the form. We do rely on the information given on these forms so it is important that these answers are correctly.

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Apply for a tractor quote is suitable for all ages of tractors used for vintage activities or on smallholdings or light agricultural work.

Apply for a vehicle quote is suitable if you would like a quote for any classic vehicle including motorcycles, cars and lorries. It is also suitable for military vehicles, campervans and motorhomes, trikes, kit cars, modified vehicles and transporters. If you are already a customer of ours you can apply for a quote for your everyday car. Please note, we are only able to offer quotes for private everyday cars if you already have something classic insured with us. As of the 1st June 2024 we are unable to cover standalone quad bikes policies/

Apply for a caravan quote is suitable if you would like a quote for your caravan. We are only able to quote on caravans if they are newer than 25 years old.